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Nashville Recording Artist, Kris Allen was born in New Braunfels, Texas by his parents Albert and Patsy Hammond. Kris grew up in a musical home with both parents singing inspirering a future musical artist who would on day become worldwide know.
His Mother, Patsy Hammond was born, Patsy Mills from New Braunfels. Kris Allen’s Father, the Late Albert Hammond, was from the coal mining town of Eskdale, West Virginia. Being born in Texas the family often made long car ride to West Virginia from Texas.
The middle point between the two states would be a resting place of Nashville and Memphis Tennesee. This was where the dreams began for Kris Allen.
As a baby Kris would go with his family and see all of the stars he would hear growing up listening to the radio as sang by his mom and dad. Kris told me “This was his only dream” and his family bought him his first guitar at the age of three. In fact, decades later it would be hard to see Kris without his guitars as he has travled the world.
Kris moved to Nashville in the winter of 1995 to find his passion. This was a tough road with many ups and downs. Starting from the bottom nobody gives you breaks. But determind and going full throdle Kris recorded his first Album with record producer Chris “The Mac” McCormick and named the album, Cowboys Dream.
Cowboys Dream opened eyes in Nashville for Kris but doors were closed in his face as fast as they opened. After putting hard work and all of his money into his first album and nothing solid happening for the new artist Kris did the unthinkable. He recorded a secong album at Seastrand Studios in Nashville with The Mac. Unfortunly this album was lost in computer malfunction.
Kris never gave up and funded his third album, a double CD called Heroes Never Die. recorded by Dave Keefer at Brown Dog Studios and mastered by the legend, Benny Quinn, and later remastered my Mike Johnson at Madtracker Studio. Benny Quinn was know for everything George Strait, Dixie Chicks, and Shania Twain did.
Pushing his limits Kris sent his new CD to every radio DJ around the planet who would give the new artist a break. Unfortunatly again many of the DJs never recieved Heroes Never Died because of unknown sales taxes shipping outside of the USA leaving a muti Thousand dollar lession learned the hard way.
However few DJs did recied his music and played Heroes Never Died with a growing demand. Heartbroken because Kris Allen was now being played around the world yet no one in the USA gave Kris Allen a break until The Wave in Canada regulary played Heroes Never Died and it leaked across the USA borders into New York. Soon growing across the USA and climbing the charts fast.
Kris play his songs on who at the time was the worlds largest digital music sorce and in April, 2002 Kris was hitting it with top major record lable acts like Faith Hill who had the top three world hit songs, Breath, The Way You Love Me and This Kiss and at number four, Kris Allen, Best Friend and number seven, Do Angles Cry.
On the rock charts Kris had the number one and number two hit songs, Two Below in Tupelo, and Pearl River. Both country and rock charts with over 90 thousand plays each song monthly was turning heads for Kris finally.
Kris said a prayer to GOD after seeing a troubled world and the 10 commandments being removed forom schools and courts Kris ask GOD to let him write a song about how the world didn’t seem to respect mankind or GOD anymore. Kris then wrote Why Have They Taken GOD Away? lyrics and later colaberated with Mike Johnson at MadTracker Studio finishing the song.
Just after Why Have they Taken GOD Away? was finished in Nashville someone heard the song asking Kris to perform on NBC Nashville Gospel Music Network. Kris was set to performed live only weeks after finishing recording to over 29 million viewers and over 32 countries live on NBC-TV. The song, Why Have They Taken GOD Away? went straight up the Spirtual Pop chart to number one in the USA and number three on the world charts.
Kris Allen finally was turning heads in the music world after years of ups and downs as to where many would have walked away and giving up, not Kris! Kris was starting to work with big names like Garth Fundis who recorded all of Keith Whitley’s hit songs at Sound Emporium and Jim Heffernan. Kris was on his way to a million dollar record deal with Mike Curb in the works.
Tragedy struck nearly ending Kris Allen and Southern Thunder when Kris was attacked by what Davison, Co. Teenessee and called a domestic terorroist attack. Kris and several others had been attacked including a 1.5 year old baby. Kris suffered severn boken bones to his face and suffered his left sinuses 90% crushed. Having multipal fractures and concushions to his brain. Nearly fighting for his life from his brain swelling Kris never gave up being his only dream.
Jim Heffernan told Kris he must take time off the repair his body, and the damages were so great Kris might not ever be able to sing again. Later Kris was replace by Brad Paisley who Kris was given the spot as a judge in Pick it or Flick it. Kris picked Brad Paisley with an old Statler Brothers song recorded by Paisley, Painting Flowers on the Wall and making it by only 51 votes making Brad the winner by one vote.
Talking with Kris Allen he taught me one thing, Never give up on your dreams, and if it is importaint to you then let nothing stop you and live your dreams! Today Kris Allen still performs shows and helps not only local but worldwide communities by helping others with fund raising and charitable work. Kris has been featured in many book, and documentaries.
Kris told me Angles are real and not all have wings….yet.