Kris Allen Music ArtistWelcome to Country Music Star Kris Allen’s official website and personal bio. With four completed albums and his number five in the works Kris Allen is a true super star when it comes to his music and when it comes to his fans. As a native Texan Kris started his music career at a young age, but there were obstacles in the road during his journey that would prove to change the course of his life forever.
Kris Allen is just a super star in the music industry but he also is well known throughout the paranormal arena, and he is a dedicated Bigfoot investigator. Just recently Kris Allen hosted his new radio show “Kris Allen’s Monster Theater” Which is a huge success and he has many followers.
Kris Allen is dedicated to his family and friends and fans from all over the world, and this shows not only his music, but how he caters to his following. As a Christian man, and with the challenges that have pursed his life Kris Allen is what you would call the man that died and came back to fulfill his destiny as a country music sensation.

I am the real and the original Kris Allen! I been doing this longer then I can remember!

Kris Allen is known throughout the country as one of the most sought after Big Foot Researchers. Kris has traveled the country in look for this creature and has had what we believes is many sightings. In early 2012 Kris started a Radio Show called “Kris Allen’s Monster Theater” which captivated audiences around the world. Although the show was taken off the air due to time restraints the show still remains of the most listen shows in the Big Foot world.

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