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GH Talk Radio - GHTR - Late Night with Rob & Kris
Late night is all about the music and what it takes to get to the top. late night brings the up and coming new artist to your podcast, which spans across the world. New artist will be interviewed and given the chance to let the world know who they are and share their journey with the listeners from all over the world.Tuesday night shows are when recording artist Kris Allen and Production Engineer Robert Woonacott will bring in a new artist every week putting them on the air and giving them the chance to speak to the world, and share their own artistic talents. It is a time when these new artist are giving the chance to put their foot in the front door of success. With over of a million listeners worldwide people get a taste of this raw talent first hand.If you would like to request a song or if you are a band or singing artist looking to get your stuff out on the air please contact the station at or

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